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California Custom Coatings Inc.


Northern California's premier installer of decorative flooring solutions. We offer decorative flooring solutions for ALL concrete surfaces weather it be your 200 square foot back patio or your 20,000 square foot industrial chemical storage facility. From old, cracked stained concrete to new "green" concrete indoor and out. We can transform your concrete in as little as one day making it fully functional the next with no long dry or curing times like some conventional systems.


While we believe using only the highest quality, longest lasting products is very important. Our top priority is meeting our customers needs and desires while be cost conscientious of their budget and  being thorough when designing the best system for them. Our work is not only backed by us but our manufactures as well in most cases.

Our coatings are available in a wide range of colors and our flake flooring systems are available in an endless array of color combinations. We design a flooring system based on what you want not limiting you to only a select few colors or combinations. The systems we offer are made and manufactured by well renowned companies known for their high quality products and proven track records of success.